Acetylcysteine powder for oral suspension 200mg

Product Description: Acetylcysteine also known as N-acetylcysteine or N-acetyl-L-cysteine (abbreviated NAC), is a pharmaceutical drug and nutritional supplement used primarily as a mucolytic agent and in the management of paracetamol (acetaminophen) overdose. Other uses include sulfate repletion in conditions, such as autism, where cysteine and related sulfur amino acids may be depleted.[7]
Acetylcysteine is a derivative of cysteine; an acetyl group that is attached to the nitrogen atom. This compound is sold as a dietary supplement commonly claiming antioxidant and liver protecting effects. It is used as a cough medicine because it breaks disulfide bonds in mucus and liquefies it, making it easier to cough up. It is also this action of breaking disulfide bonds that makes it useful in thinning the abnormally thick mucus in cystic and pulmonary fibrosis patients.
Product Packaging – The dosages available for this product are:
Acetyclcysteine powder for oral suspension 200mg
Acetyclcysteine powder for oral suspension can be packaged 200mg/sachet, 30sachets/box, or according to the customer’s specifications.

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