Shanghai Trifecta Pharma Co. Ltd is an established global manufacturer and supplier of generic pharmaceuticals, nutraceuticals, and medical supplies and is located in the Pearl of the Orient, Shanghai China. Shanghai Trifecta Pharma Co. Ltd is an affiliate of both Trifecta Pharmaceuticals USA and Hong Kong Trifecta Pharma Limited.

Shanghai Trifecta Pharma Co. Ltd is the preferred provider of generic pharmaceuticals, nutritional supplements, and medical supplies to NGO’s, Aid Organizations, Private companies, and Government Agencies around the world. We strive to supply high quality, professional medical products around the world at a competitive price.

“Supplying high quality medical products at the most competitive prices is our business and business is good!”

Shanghai Trifecta Pharma Co. Ltd upholds the demanding standards of international regulations and its manufacturing facilities have attained GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) and/or ISO certification.

Our Core Business is in the Following Areas:

  1. Registering and Marketing our GMP certified Trifecta Pharmaceuticals USA brands globally.
  2. Registering and manufacturing our clients OEM (USP, BP, IP) pharmaceuticals and medical supplies according to GMP and or ISO regulations.
  3. Participating and winning Government Tenders for Pharmaceuticals and Medical Devices in countries around the world.
  4. The development and supply of high quality USP and BP Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients under GMP and cGMP regulations. USFDA and others.
  5. The manufacture and supply of Nutritional Supplements according to GMP regulations.
  6. Importing and distributing USFDA approved Pharmaceuticals, Nutritional Supplements, and Medical Supplies in the United States of America.
  7. Exporting US FDA Pharmaceuticals, Medical Supplies, and Nutritional Supplements which are “Made in the USA” to many of our international markets.
  8. Consulting US manufacturers on registering Pharmaceuticals and Medical Supplies in our international markets.

Shanghai Trifecta Pharma Co. Ltd is proud to supply our customers with a competitive and sustainable combination of product implementation, customer service, quality, price and delivery.

Shanghai Trifecta Pharma Co. Ltd is your Global Pharma Partner and is listed in the top 85 Chinese Pharmaceutical exporting companies in China according to the Chinese Pharmaceuticals Chamber of Commerce.